The rehabilitation project for the Orange Walk Central Park carried out under the Belize Municipal Development Project under the umbrella of the Social Investment Fund and the Orange Walk Town Council, is today near completion with the upgrade and paving of South Park Street, North Park St and Lovers Lane.

Today we spoke to Orange Walk Councilor Ian Cal who told us more about the final stages of the project.

Screen_Shot_2016-02-24_at_8.09.55_PMIan Cal – Orange Walk Councillor

“I would ay it was about 80% complete in this area but just yesterday it received it second seal  of chip seal and it is going to receive another third layer I would say in about two weeks’ time the final layer around the park and after that then you will start to see the line markings around the park around the street being completed, the drainage section also needs to be covered and what is left is a pedestrian ramp as well on the opposite side and the signs so I would say it was about 80% complete and give and take give it a month to be completely finalized.”

The project is expected to be fully completed by the end of March.

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