As part of a project to continue engaging with the citizens of our town, the Orange Walk Town Council has organized a neighborhood meeting that will serve as a medium for residents to voice their concerns.

One major issue that will be addressed at the meeting that will take place tomorrow at the Philip Alvarez Park is the global epidemic, Zika Virus. Members from the Ministry of Health will be available for questions and also to offer advice to residents on how to keep yards clean and minimize the breeding grounds for mosquitos, who are the vectors for the Zika Virus.

Screen_Shot_2016-02-24_at_8.09.55_PMIan Cal- Orange Walk Councilor

“Our first neighborhood meeting this year to the Phillip Alvarez Park we are inviting the residents to come out and to express their concerns and their ideas as we are going to have members of the public health department there to speak more about the Zika virus that everyone has been hearing about we want to know as well and we will be there to answer any questions as well, the meeting will start at 7pm at the Phillip Alvarez park and we invite everyone to come out be there and voice your concerns as well.”

Also present at the meeting will be the Mayor of Orange Walk and the Councilors who will be there to listen to the concerns of residents in order to work on a plan on how best to address those issues.

Ian Cal- Orange Walk Councilor

“We will have the Mayor there and the councilors as well and the public health department will be there as well to answer any questions with the Zika virus but then they can take advantage of us being there as well to answer any questions that they might have like I said we will be there to listen to the public to get their ideas and concern so if you have a concern about a drainage issue around the area or an open lot that hasn’t been maintained we will be there to answer those questions.”

The meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00pm and all residents of Orange Walk are invited to attend.

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