shellIf your gas tank is running close to empty, our advice to you would be to full up before midnight because at one minute past 12:00, fuel prices will see a major increase.

Today the Ministry of Finance issued a release where they indicated that the import duty on Premium Gasoline will be increased by forty cents to three dollars and thirty six cents per US Gallon.

As for Regular Gasoline, the import duty will be increased by thirty cents to three dollars and three cents per US Gallon and the import duty for Diesel Oil will be increased by eighty cents to per two dollars and seventy two cents per US Gallon

As a result of the above mentioned adjustments to the import duties of fuel, Belizeans will see new prices at the pumps. Here in Orange Walk the price of Premium gasoline will see a decrease of thirty one cents. So it will sell for nine dollars and seven cents. Regular gasoline will see an increase of thirty seven cents and goes from seven dollars and sixty eight cents to eight dollars and five cents. Diesel is increasing by a whopping one dollar and instead of six dollars and sixty cents, Orange Walkenos will now pay seven dollars and sixty cents per gallon.

The Ministry also made mention in their release that because the price of fuel products is likely to vary with each shipment, they expect that there may be a substantial downward adjustment in the coming weeks.

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