Screen_Shot_2016-02-29_at_8.08.24_PMIn Corozal, the Department of Youth Council also held election for the Youth District Council.

This council says Anny Palacio, Oversite Committee Officer, will advocate for today’s Belizean youth, taking into consideration the issues they face on a daily basis.

Anny Palacio Oversite Committee officer

“It actually happens every two years but what is different this year is the electronic system which will be done where they kids come and they vote through the electronic system which is, you might way it can’t have a spoilt ballot or anything like that there is no error and it is also a part of us encouraging our youths to know that when you are casting your vote you are casting a power to help develop your country, after we have found out later on tonight who are the winners they will form what we call a National Youth Council and they will get together to vote for a National Executive in Belize and those people are going to be the sights, the ears and the eyes for all young people across the country hopefully meeting with the ministers, meeting with all the stakeholders to assist them to ensure that youths are heard, their problems are solved and that they are known as the future leaders of this country.”

At four this afternoon the election was well underway as most of the young delegates had cast their vote.

Anny Palacio Oversite Committee Officer

“In Corozal at this moment we have 68 out of 80 so they have been doing very well, I know I left Orange Walk very early this morning and about 11:30 they already voted like 25 out of 124 but we got results already that they have already surpass like 60 or 70 votes because it is simultaneous, it is all over the country and in San Ignacio it is 100% they already concluded, Benque has about 70% that have already voted and I am waiting for Belmopan and PG, I want to say that I am very proud of the youths across this country even during the campaign they have shown, it is very clean, very fair, very transparent even though some people are still criticizing it, I must say that it is not politics they are voting on issues, all of the candidates have met all of the people voters and have given them a platform of, we are going to change they are not talking about promises which we are used to with politicians but they are talking about solutions and I applaud them for that.”

The Corozal District saw 3 different slates running for both the president and vice president of the District Youth Council, we spoke to each member of the slates and here is what they told us.


“As our manifesto stated and as we presented on rally day we want to focus on education whether it is through tutoring helping students find scholarships and any financial assistance which we can give base on the budget which we will get as well as extra-curricular, we believe that Belize has very talented individuals for these reasons we intend to come into collaboration with NICH, with ICA with the House of Culture and all those organizations that promote youth development whether it is art, dancing, sports or any other activity which maybe happening in town that we are not aware of.”

We will have her results of the election in tomorrow’s newscast.

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