For some time now the Belize Progressive Party has been trying to register the BPP as an official party but they have been encountering a number of obstacles. Today the party’s leader, Patrick Rogers, spoke about the difficulties they have been facing in their quest.

Screen_Shot_2016-03-01_at_7.59.06_PMPatrick Rogers – Leader of the Belize Progressive Party

“Right now as we are speaking we cannot even register the name BPP because our laws do not govern political parties so we’ve opted to go the route of a cooperative we will be registering as a cooperative the first that sits over there will come into the cooperative the least agreement is going to fall into the cooperative hands and in this way is not about Patrick owning the assets it is about a cooperative called the BPP because there is not laws to register as a political party and they want us to register as a friendly society which we are not a friendly society so we opted to do our due diligence to ensure that when we register as a cooperative that they will give us our name Belize Progressive Party because there is not law that says we can’t use Party in our name.”

The party also plans to launch its “The Progressive” news bulletin which is expected to hit the streets on March 31st. The party is also working on purchasing their own internet radio station. Of note is that the party also acquired a building in Belize City that will serve as the party’s headquarters.

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