Screen_Shot_2016-03-01_at_7.59.23_PMYesterday country wide the Department of Youth Services held elections for District Youth Council. Up for grabs was a seat for President, Vice President, Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Treasurer.

The voting commenced at 9:00 in the morning and closed at 6:00 in the evening and today the results were revealed.

For president a total of 66 votes were cast naming Damari Tesucum as the new president for the District Youth Council with 29 votes, trailing behind was Benigno Lizama with 22 votes and Theotisha Hall with 13 votes.

Dominique Vellos was named Vice President with 30 votes, the other two candidates Mikael E Gilharry and Ginelly Novelo got 20 votes and 14 votes respectively.

The new secretary for the District Youth Council is Immer Campos, Public relations Officer is Digna Ramirez while the new treasurer is yet to be determined as both Candidates running for the post, Philip Wade Jr. and Herman Sanchez were tied with 23 votes each.

According to the Oversight Committee Officer Any Palacio, the newly elected District Youth Council will now proceed to another election to determine and established the National Youth Council, the date for elections and the venue is yet to be determined.


And if we talk about Orange Walk District Youth Council is formed by Selma Patt as President, Joslin Alvarez, Vice- President, Makeda Anderson, Public Relations Officer, Katty Magana, Secretary and Delia Toledano won for treasurer.

The voting began at 9:00 in the morning and concluded at 6:00 in the evening. Out of the total 124 delegates that were eligible to vote, 90 of them actually showed up to cast their votes while 34 of them were a no show, resulting in a turnout of 72.5%.

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