Leader of the Opposition John Briceno met yesterday with Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow in Belize City where a number of national issues were discussed including the current correspondent banking relationships faced by Belize and the long standing territorial dispute between Belize and Guatemala which has escalated to Belizeans being blocked from entering the Sarstoon River by Guatemalan Authorities. The most recent case witnessed on Saturday last by the Belize Territorial Volunteers.

Also at the top of the agenda was the behavior of parliamentarians in the House of Representatives. Now we all know that to date the level of discourse in the House is negative. In fact we can safely say that none of the national issues are dissected and Belizeans now prefer to just tune out instead of watching or listening to the back and forth.

The next House of Representatives is expected to reconvene on Tuesday March 8th. Hopefully, after the discussion held with the P.M, Belizeans will witness a higher level of debate, says Briceno.

Screen_Shot_2016-03-03_at_7.58.01_PMHonorable John Briceno – Leader of the People’s United Party

“I think there has been a lot of concern, the kind of rhetoric that we use in the National Assembly and we both made commitments that we want to try to tone down a bit the rhetoric in the House and for us to stick on the issues that are confronting us and as a country we have so many problems that are challenging us from the issue of the correspondent banking to the economy, to crime, you now and now obviously we have the issue of the Sarstoon so I think as responsible leaders we need to keep the focus on the issues that are confronting the countr, we should debate the issues and that we should challenge one another on the issues but that we do not need to be nasty, we do not need to be negative and name calling and attack each other, there is no need for that. We were not elected because you are the person that can be the nastiest in the national assembly, you are elected because the people believe that they can have that confidence that you are going represent them best. I for one don’t believe in the name calling, I believe that we should debate the issues and there is no need to be hating one another and I’ve been saying this over and over and people are probably getting tired of me saying that but there is no need for the hate and dislike. We are small country. Wherever we turn we meet each other.”


The Opposition Leader stated that he will also be asking his collogues to tone it down in the House in order to have a healthy debate.

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