Last night we informed you about the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ decision to organize a picketing that will be taking place on Tuesday at the sitting of the House of Representatives in Belmopan. This decision came about as a result of the group describes as Government’s failure to assist Belizeans in terms of providing protection and security for those who travelled on Saturday to visit the Gracias a Dios monument but were denied entry by the Guatemalan military on the Sarstoon.

Yesterday in a press release, the Northern Territorial Volunteers also expressed their displeasure with the way Government handled the situation once more especially when it comes to the incursion of the Guatemalan Military in Belizean waters.

Today President of the NTV, Geovanni De La Fuente told CTV3 News that the group will also be joining BTV in Belmopan and anyone wishing to stand in unity with BTV and NTV are more than welcome.

Screen_Shot_2016-03-04_at_7.57.35_PMGiovanni De la Fuente – Leader, NTV

“Over the weekend Will Mejia had taken a group of Belizeans and the media to the Sarstoon area and the treatment that he received was very bad and the response from the Foreign Minister in our point of view isn’t appropriate and as a result we have decided that as a group NTV to support Will Mejia and his group, they have a permit for demonstration or picket in front of the National Assembly on Tuesday and the NTV from Orange Walk town I hereby offering an opportunity to anybody who wishes to attend this picket, we have a bus and we intend to take a full bus load and we are inviting all people from Orange Walk ad Corozal and any other person that is interested to come along with us on Tuesday as we go to Belmopan to picket in front of the National Assembly.”

Making reference to last year’s incident when a group of about 30 Belizeans were detained by Guatemalan Authorities during a trip to the Sarstoon, De La Fuente emphasized on the importance of Belizeans attending Tuesdays demonstration.


Giovanni De la Fuente – Leader, NTV

“A group of us visited the Sarstoon area and we were eventually kidnapped and taken to Livingston in Guatemala that is one year ago and on that date we had gone all the way up the river 25 miles of the river that is one year ago, today you cannot even go in this area anymore next year maybe you won’t be able to go to Barranco as Belizeans we have to be aware that we are losing our country gradually, slowly and if we don’t take a stand then God forbid what will happen.”

Giovanni De la Fuente – Leader, NTV

“Orange Walkenos, nortenos, Corozalenos este Martes a las seis y media de la mañana en Orange Walk les invitamos que salgan y vengan que nos vamos a Belmopán en frente de la casa para demostrar que no estamos satisfechos con este asunto de lo que está pasando en el sur con Sarstoon y Guatemala te invitamos y el cobro es gratis no cuesta nada solo llegue en la farmacia de Phillip De La Fuente para apuntar su nombre.”

As mentioned, those who wish to attend the demonstration can either visit Phillip De la Fuente’s pharmacy or can contact him at 322-2702. Today, via a press release, the Belize Progressive Party also confirmed that they will participate in the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ planned demonstration on Tuesday.

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