Screen_Shot_2016-03-09_at_7.27.42_PMTonight the Corozal Community Hospital is in the hot seat as a couple is making allegations of negligence against the hospital after their 4 year old daughter began experiencing convulsions two hours after leaving the hospital.

Zoila Botes and Josue Perez rushed their 4 year old daughter, Alexie Vasquez, to the emergency room around 10:00p.m on Sunday night suffering from high fever. The young girl was treated and released but two hours later while at home she began convulsing.

Father Josue Perez

“Actually the little girl started to feel bad here and we took her to the hospital and when we arrive over there they asked us how old is the little girl and that is all what they asked and then from there the nurse asked the doctor what should he do so he came back and give her a shot, the little girl not even see the doctor, the doctor not even check the little girl, the nurse was the one the checked the little girl and she give here the shot and he told us that is it just wait thirty minutes and we waited thirty minutes so then we came back and check and then he told us that she is ok and she can go home and then when we came home two hours later the little girl start combulse.”

While suffering convulsions Alexie was taken back to the Corozal Hospital, but according to the parents the child was left unattended for almost ten minutes and to make matters worse the staff of the Hospital had no idea what medications were administered to the young girl hours earlier.

Mother Zoila Botes

“The thing is that when we reach they didn’t want to check her it actually took them about ten minutes before even came close to her by that time she was still shaking, they told us to uncover her, we were scared so they asked us what they gave her and we told them we don’t know I mean at the moment that we went the first time around we didn’t asked we trusted that they were giving her the right injection, we were just making sure that she felt better so when they asked we said we don’t know and they asked the nurse to check the data entry and they said that nothing has been registered so they didn’t know what they had given her two hours earlier so what the doctor said to us is that let us give her a hydrocortisone just in case it is an allergic reaction, they didn’t touched her, they just laid her on the bed and give her the hydrocortisone, took her temperature and told us to wait, we kept asking, he asked the doctors what was given to her and why is this happening and she could not give us and explanation since there was no data entry as to what she received two hours earlier.”

The couple believes that convulsions could have been avoided if the doctor that attended to Alexie had followed medical protocols.

Mother Zoila Botes

“To be honest they didn’t had any communication with us, we just reached and in five minutes they had already given her an injection, they only had a communication with the nurse and the doctor at the time around, they put her inside a room and put her the injection and told us to wait outside thirty minutes and we came back, the doctor did a little look on her but nothing physical so in reality they didn’t really asked and we only stayed thirty minutes and we left as they said we had to go.”



“And do you have any knowledge as to who were the doctors and the nurses working at the time?”

Mother Zoila Botes

“No, to be honest the first time around no we weren’t concern we thought we were putting her in the best care so that didn’t cross our minds to get names or any of that that is why we didn’t even take the name of the injection that she received and the prescription that they gave us doesn’t even have the name of the injection that she received so in reality we don’t’ know what really happened and they cannot give us and answer.”

The family of the child is now asking for the administration of the hospital to launch an intense investigation into the matter and to look into the services the staff of the hospital provides to patients.

Zoila Botes Mother

“I think the most important thing is that they have to be really more careful especially when it comes to children, my daughter she cannot really respond when it comes to what pain she has, how she feels, and especially in the second time around when she was convulsing she couldn’t even speak, depends on them that they would be the ones to take care of my daughter and a mistake like this could have caused her life and that is why we are more concerned of the neglect that is going on at the hospital and for us to be getting that kind of treatment especially when it comes to the Public Relations am really disappointed and like I’ve said it could have been worst and that is what scares us and that is what we hope that they can implement or at least punish these kinds of incidents and the people behind it.”

Father Josue Perez

“I just want to discipline whoever was in the shift and whoever gave her this shot without knowing what is happening with the little girl and that is all I don’t want anything else than just make them be more careful at the hospital just like how it happened to us it could have happened to anyone especially if they don’t have transportation and all of those kinds of things it can be really, really bad.”

The couple is thinking about seeking legal advice so as to know how to proceed.

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