cchIn order to get the hospital’s side of the story, today we contacted Chief of Staff, Dr. Jorge Sajia, who contradicted the allegations made by the parents of four year old Alexie Vasquez. According to Sajia the staff treated the 4 year old the way they normally do in situations where it involves a young child and high fever, furthermore the child was fully evaluated by the medical officer on shift and released 30 minutes later.

Dr. Jorge Sajia

“A gentle man came today Mr. Josue Perez, stating that he brought her child a four year old with high temperature and I was looking at the BHIS our health system and which referred to the patient that she did come in with thirty nine degrees Celsius, the patient was given immediate medical attention, was administered medication injected and the patient was evaluated thirty minutes after and given a full physical examination and concluded with tans elitists, I spoke to the doctor and the doctor told me that they explained it to the relative that the patient had a tinsels infection and she was discharged with a 37.8 Celsius which means that the fever was coming off and sent home with medications to go home, what we have to have in mind here is that any child under the age of five could have seizures because of fever and that is a fact.”

As it refers to the medication administered to child for her fever which the staff was unable to recall when the four year old was taken to the hospital for the second time, Sajia says the medication could not be accounted for as another shift was in place but the doctor should have been called. As for the convulsions, Sajia says they were chills caused by the fever.

Dr. Jorge Sajia

“The medication was not registered on the prescription but we have to note that the prescription was usually for discharge and the medication given in hospital is usually kept in a detained form and it not given on prescriptions.  Secondly, the medication to our bad side doesn’t appear on the system, they need to modify it if the doctor needed there is a phone call away, the patient came back at twelve twenty five and the night shift doctor admitted the patient and the patient did come in but with 37.5 degrees Celsius which is the starting point of fever, the patient was immediately given an injection which is hydrocortisone thinking of allergic reaction, the patient was placed on a bed and reevaluated thirty minutes after and they noted that the patient had indeed thirty nine degrees Celsius again and she states that the patient when she came in did not have seizures, the patient had chills, she was shivering and when she was reevaluated with thirty nine she administered Tylenol orally and cold compresses on the patient, the patient was indeed sent home with the medication prescribed earlier and without any fever.”

Sajia is of the opinion that the matter should have been reported to the appropriate hospital authorities instead of it being posted in the social media.

Dr. Jorge Sajia

“Mr. Perez stated that he was taking the child to Chetumal to a pediatrician evaluate the patient and I told him that we are happy that he is getting further treatment an advise and we asked him to please bring the medication and the information from the patient from Chetumal and we also asked Mr. Perez that our pediatrician evaluates the patient as well and by the end of the day we should have a written report from both attending doctors and nurses from the emergency working on the shift with what they told me verbally, there was another comment from Mr. Perez that he was refused a drink of water from the emergency also but sometimes we do run out of supplies and I have Mr. Perez’s phone number and as soon as we have reports from the doctors and the nurses we will contact him to give him a full report on what we found on what the patient had and to clarify this if it was indeed something from the hospital then we will take disciplinary actions if it was something that it was done according to the particulars then we can go ahead and state that to Mr. Perez that everything was done according to how the patient was evaluated, on a further not any complaint of any family member has they can come to the office to make a formal complaint either verbally or written and we have an infection control nurse Mrs. Lourdes Heredia and the compliant can also be made to her and I think that the problem we had with this incident is that it was made through the social media instead of contacting the respective authorities that could take the action on the matter.”

We understand that a full investigation is currently ongoing and the results will determine whether disciplinary action will be taken against any doctor or nurse working at the time. In order for that to happen Sajia is asking for the full cooperation of Zoila Botes and Josue Perez, the parents of the 4 year old.

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