Yesterday inside Parliament during the presentation of the 2016/2017 budget, there was a notable different seating arrangement in the Opposition side. Honorable Cordel Hyde was seated beside Opposition Leader Honorable John Briceño followed by former Leader Honorable Said Musa, then Deputy Leader for the North, Honorable Abelardo Mai and Deputy Leader for the South, Honorable Rodwell Fergusson. While some found it strange there is nothing extraordinary about it says Leader of the Opposition Honorable John Briceno.

johnHonorable John Briceno – Party Leader of the People’s United Party

“What I wanted to do is to make sure that we bring in the people of the members of the National Assembly to be seated in such a way where they could be most effective, obviously we believe that Honorable Cordel Hyde could play a very important role in the debates and so are the two former party leaders Rt. Honorable Said Musa and Francis Fonseca and we also decided that we also need to bring in our deputy leaders given just recently elected and since they are recently elected to represent the seniority in the party and that is pretty much how we decided how to put the present seating arrangement in the house.”


“Cordel sitting beside you could that be taken as an indication that there had been some movement on him being perhaps appoint as National Deputy Leader?”

Honorable John Briceno – Party Leader of the People’s United Party

“I think it is still a little bit too early to talk about that what the last national executive gave me the authority to be able to meet with him and to be able to find a meaningful role for him on how best we can use his talents and his abilities and he represents so it is based on that directive that I have met with him already and we are still talking at this time and we hope that pretty soon we will be able to present it to the national executive to for them to accept whatever changed I propose.”

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