Screen_Shot_2016-03-09_at_8.26.34_PMAs we reported yesterday, the Belize Progressive Party and the Belize Territorial volunteers along with the Northern Territorial Volunteers held a peaceful protest outside the National Assembly building while the 2016-2017 proposed budget was being presented inside parliament. The protest was held in demonstration of the group’s discontent of Guatemala’s claim to Belizean waters and also GOB’s poor response to the nationalistic problem. During the protest we spoke to various prominent voices on the battle to keep our sovereignty intact, one of which was Robert “Bobby” Lopez who voiced several difficulties that the group faces including financial hitches and how the group plans to overcome them.

Bobby Lopez - member Belize Progressive Party

“We did put out an online petition and it continues to be there it will stay there, you can support monetarily, just one of these buses cost us five hundred dollars so there is a cost and we are spending a few thousand dollars today in posters in transportation, Belizeans who cannot be here and want to support contact us we will appreciate your donations it is going to be well accounted for it is going to be well spent so we are saying there is a role for every single Belizean we realizing that everybody cannot be here but we are going to stand up we are going to take the stand and say on your behalf, on behalf of the students, the teachers, all of them out there who can’t make it we will take a stand.”

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