sabidoToday at 10:00 am the case of the crown versus Osmar Sabido resumed at the Orange Walk Chapter of the Supreme Court.   Osmar Sabido who is now 30 years of age is being tried for the murder of his girlfriend in an incident that occurred on February 28th, 2011.

The Prosecution which is being represented by attorneys Javier Chan, Shanidi Chell and Jaime Burns, today called two witnesses to the stand, namely Eugenio Gomez, Forensic Analyst who was in charge of the case of Christie Carrasco. Gomez was called as an expert witness to present his findings on trace evidence found on items pertaining to the case that were submitted to his lab. Gomez was asked by the prosecution to describe his findings on several items, including the clothes being worn by Osmar Sabido at the time of the incident and the knife believed to have been used to inflict the fatal wounds to Christie Carrasco, to which the forensic analyst attested that his analysis had positively determined that the clothes and knife contained trace evidence of human blood but that his lab was unable to determine any DNA from the blood found on the time.

In the cross examination of the witness, defense attorney Oscar Selgado, asked a very crucial question;  being that “if no DNA was retrieved from the items, can anyone positively conclude whose blood was on the said items”? To this, Gomez responded that, it cannot be ascertained.

The other witness called to the stand was PC Shean Baton, who was the arresting officer on the case. While on the stand PC Baton gave his account of the occurrence on the night of the stabbing of Carrasco. PC Baton testified that his reasons for arresting Sabido on the night of the incident was that after his assessment of the scene he ascertained that Sabido was to blame for inflicting the wounds on Carrasco.  After both witnesses were examined by the prosecution and cross examined by the defense, Judge Hubert Lord adjourned the court until Monday morning at 10:00.

Christie Carrasco who was 21 at the time of her death was stabbed multiple times to the body and her then boyfriend Osmar Sabido was indicted for that crime.

Sabido has since been remanded at the Belize Central Prison awaiting his court hearing which started yesterday before Judge Hubert Lord, in a trail by judge alone.

The trial against Osmar Sabido is expected to conclude sometime next week.

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