Screen_Shot_2016-03-10_at_8.33.55_PMYesterday in our newscast we told you about the farmers of San Carlos Village in Orange Walk who are receiving assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture as well as from the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation with the aim of protecting the agriculture industry, as farmers are currently preparing to harvest and sell their products in the local market.

That is expected to take place two weeks from now and while the Ministry of Agriculture is trying to control the issuing of license to sell vegetables as well as the rate of contraband so as to protect the local production of onions, the Ministry of Agriculture has also decided to take measures to address issues concerning the storage of the crop so that farmers are not compelled to sell their produce in a hurry.

Fulton Barry Palacio – District Agriculture Coordinator, Corozal

“We are looking directly at production and productivity, the issue of storage that is the other trust that the ministry is pushing in that we feel that as if we strengthened local production then the issue of storage will come up and we want that farmers will be able to storage their produce so that there is no need to rush to sell their products because as it is right now selling fresh is perishable and they could suffer high masses if the prices become saturated so for the market not to be saturated we need to look at production, stage or phase so that there isn’t that overlap.”

During an interview yesterday, farmer Jose Manuel Monjez, emphasized on the importance of the collaboration in terms of allowing the market to operate freely and under normal conditions. Through that collaboration farmers are now being informed about how to improve their quality of production as well as about the prices at which their products should be sold in order to avoid being taken advantage of.

Jose Manuel Monjez – Farmer

“Esto es algo muy importante de tener comunicación con el mercadeo atreves del director para tener un control de precios localmente para que ellos puedan vender a un precio y nosotros podamos vender nuestro producto también similar al de ellos.  Cada ano tenemos reuniones con los agricultores tratando de coordinar todo eso para que no podamos tener un problema porque yo he descubierto de que hay un truco en los que compran la cebolla, que si ellos tienen cebollas a nosotros nos juegan la moneda de que ellos no lo están dando más barato entonces para no poder sacarnos el producto algo que no es así entonces basado a eso no tenemos una coordinación así y entonces ellos ya no pueden venir a engañarnos porque sabemos toda la verdad porque la escuchamos de ellos.”

And since the nation depends on Agriculture, farmers are at the moment pleased with the assistance provided.

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