Screen_Shot_2016-03-10_at_8.33.49_PMThis past Saturday members of Jacobs Farm Rehabilitation Centre in the Corozal District carried out their first community outreach program….Patchakan Park Day.

The purpose of the event was to highlight the Village’s culture at the same time discovering new talents.

Nurse Adela Peterson

“We’ve called this event the Patchakan Park Day, because it is being placed in the park at Patchakan and what we are doing is we are revitalizing the community to come together in one spirit and also to showcase the talent of the people of Patchakan, we did communicate with the House of Culture and they were very instrumental in supporting us so that we could have a successful event today, however we looking forward to collaborate with the different entities that are out there to make this a very vibrant community in the future.”


“Would this be an ongoing event, would it happen another time in the future months coming?”

Nurse Adela Peterson

“Absolutely, we were hoping that it would be a successful event and so being that day we are anticipating that we are going to have Patchakan Park or a fair day the first Saturday of every month on a continuing base.”

The event featured various locally made arts and crafts, food and other products. But the main show case was the Jacobs Farm Rehabilitation Centre and the Al Anon Group, a worldwide fellowship that offers a support program of recovery for the families and friends of alcoholics.

Nurse Adela Peterson

“Today we had various arts and craft, we have lots of special Belizean food and we know that Belizeans are the best cooks in the world we have various household items to sale, we have showcasing legation center which is an active vibrant farm and also we are showcasing the Al-Anon group letting the community know that we have the first active Al-Anon Group in San Narciso and we support the family of the addicted alcoholic and also the alcoholic who is in recovery so we are actually completing the circle to making sure that the families are also supported.”

The next event will be held the first Saturday of April.

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