Yesterday a total of 7,257 students from 287 primary schools across the country sat the first half of the Primary School Examinations. In the Corozal District alone 811 students from 41 different schools took the Science paper one and English one examination. This year there was a slight decrease in the number of students that took the exams country wide.


Statistics also show the participation of more male than female students this year. The good news is though, that the PSE this year saw an increase in the number of Special Needs students taking the exam.

Screen_Shot_2016-03-15_at_8.15.57_PMJah More Lopez – Corozal District Education Officer

“We are looking at a 1.2% decrease over last year, we are looking at a total of 287 primary schools country wide and we have slightly higher percentage of males than females we are looking at a 51% male, 3689 as oppose as to the 49% females, 3568 what is encouraging though is that we have an increase of a whopping 53% in comparison to last year 139 candidates more who have special needs and so we are looking at providing support for student with special needs and we’ve gone up 53% and so it shows that all of our students are given that opportunity to well.”

The second part of the PSE will consist of Social Studies and Science to be taken on the 3rd of May. During this time students with Special Needs will also receive assistance.

Jah More Lopez – Corozal District Edcuation Officer 

“Day one was English and Science and that is today and it consisted of 50 multiple choice questions, day two is going to be Tuesday May 3rd and students will be sitting the Mathematics and the Social Studies paper, just for information in terms of students who have a particular special need and getting assistance we make provisions for such students that they are given additional time also to allay any fears we maintain the integrity of these exams, the exams are actually prepared in Belize city by the exams unit and they are packaged and are sealed and as public officers and as professional we have to ensure that we maintain the sanctity and the integrity of these exams so we just want again the let the general public to know.”

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