noimageToday preschool students in the Corozal District showcased their talent as they took part in the annual Festival of Arts which forms part of Child Stimulation Month. The festival saw the participation of 36 out of 37 preschools in the Corozal District.

The pre-schoolers were judged on three different categories….dance, music and drama; and out of the 36 schools that participated a few were selected to feature their presentations in the National Festival of Arts scheduled to take place in Belize City in the month of May.

Maria Correa - Early Childhood Education Officer

“Today we had our annual Pre-school Festival of Arts 2016 whereby all the Pre-school, I can say not everybody showed up, they showcase the children talents and this year; out of the 37 we had 36 schools participating today only San Victor did not make it.  Today we did manage to get participants going to Belize in three categories; we had in dance, music and drama and we did selected some very good ones so they will be going to Belize to participate with other pre-schools and I believe it will be during the month of May.”

While the presentations were both colorful and dynamic, Early Childhood Education Officer, Maria Correa, says there is always room for improvement.

Maria Correa - Early Childhood Education Officer

“I am so happy to get a lot of parent support, honestly we do have parent support and community support but we still need to ask our teachers to work on a long because they do have a lot of work to do concerning expressive arts but as everybody says we could expect anything from the Pre-schoolers but I do believe that they do have especially the Pre-school teacher they do have a long way to go, they need to buckle up and try to do their best for next year.”

Correa thanks all those who made the Festival of Arts possible.

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