Screen_Shot_2016-03-15_at_7.51.21_PMThe murder trial for Osmar Sabido, accused of killing his then girlfriend, 21 year old Christie Carrasco which commenced on Tuesday of last week continued today at the Orange Walk Supreme Court.

First to take the stand today at around 10:00 in the morning was Dr. Mario Estradaban, police Coroner, who was called as an expert witness to describe the wounds suffered by Carrasco. We will tell you what he testified in a few but first, we go with Sabido who claimed self-defense as he took the stand today at around 1:30 in the afternoon.

In a much unexpected turn of events Sabido gave another version of the story saying that the entire incident transpired inside the house and not outside, how the prosecution had presented it to have been.

During his testimony Sabido declared that when he arrived home from work on the 28th of February 2011, he met a very infuriated Carrasco who was accusing him of being with another woman. According to the accused, during the argument Carrasco stated that she thought she was pregnant for another man and that is when he slapped her. Sabido further testified that Carrasco was acting in a very aggressive manner and in order to avoid a confrontation he walked away and sat down on a chair in the living room.

Sabido further stated that what happened next, made him fear for his life. He told the judge that he heard someone walking behind him and when he turned around he saw Carrasco coming at him with a knife attempting to stab him. In trying to defend himself a struggle ensued between the two, which is when according to Sabido, the knife slipped and Carrasco accidentally cut herself on her left thumb and received the stab wound on her left leg.

Fearing for his life, since Carrasco was bigger and stronger than him, according to Sabido’s testimony, he tried to walk out the door but he was stopped by Carrasco who was still intent on stabbing him.

Sabido testified that another struggle arose and this time they both fell to the ground resulting in the knife being buried inside Carrasco’s chest. Sabido then testified that he took the knife from Christie’s chest and ran outside in fear.

Once outside Sabido told the court that he then saw a police patrol on the street and Carraco running out of the house and onto the street where the police found her and placed her in the patrol and proceeded to apprehend him.

After the accused had concluded his testimony the prosecution proceeded to cross examine him in front of a court room filled with Christie Carrasco’s loved ones. The prosecution was very thorough in their examination asking several questions, one being ‘how could Christie have held him back from going outside if she was already injured?’ to which he had no answer. He was also asked if all witnesses that testified that they saw him outside the house with Carrasco, were wrong? To this Sabido responded that there was no one outside when he came out of the house so no one could have seen him along with Carrasco standing by the car.

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