Screen_Shot_2016-03-15_at_7.51.21_PMAs mentioned, also called to the stand as an expert witness was Dr. Mario Estradaban who was tasked to describe each of Carrasco’s injuries. Most compelling was one stab wound to the middle of her chest which penetrated through her heart and into her left lung; the second was to the upper left side of her chest which punctured her skin and muscle but did not penetrated deeper; and the third, to her left thumb and a fourth to her left knee which were described as being non-life-threatening.

Dr. Estradaban confirmed that he had ruled cause of death for Christie Alexandria Carrasco as exsanguination due to internal and external bleeding due to stab wounds to the body.

When asked by the prosecution, Estradaban described all stab wounds as having been inflicted with a “heavy force”. But of particular interest in Dr. Estradaban’s testimony was his description of the third wound to the left thumb. He classified the wound as being a defensive wound meaning that the injury was caused as Carrasco attempted to protect herself from her attacker.

When he was cross examined by the defense Dr. Estradaband was questioned if he was certain that the wound was a defensive wound or if it was merely his opinion to which he responded yes, adding that he believed it was ‘a hundred percent a defensive wound’.

The case was adjourned until Thursday where both councils will present closing arguments and submissions.

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