Screen_Shot_2016-03-16_at_8.32.57_PMFor  many  years  the  everyday  reality  of  working  parents  and  their children  has  been  captured  in  notions  of  ‘quality  time’  versus ‘quantity time’. On one hand it is suggested that what families

need is ‘more time’ for parents to spend together with their children and less time working.

The challenge though is, how to juggle our family responsibilities with our highly demanding jobs. The Ranchito Government School in the Corozal District seem to have found a solution to this problem, by organizing a Family Day.


Sergio Magana

“Today is an activity that was planned through the Principal and we had Mrs. Rahburn that was assigned to the school and planned to have a family fun day where parents, students and teachers would do things together so that they can bond with the parents and teachers and the staff and the children. The objective for today is to bring in the parents as stakeholders in their children’s education so we want them to be much more involve and to be aware of what is happening here at school and so in the end we want to have much more community participation, parents participation so that they would feel that they are part of the school and the school being part of the community.”

The event marks the first for the school and the main attraction was the food decoration.

Sergio Magana

“This is the first time that we are trying something like this and so this is what came out as an event that could help the community or the parents on the school, parents and the school teachers to bond.  The first thing we had was the parents and the teachers and the students involve in a poster competition as it relates to the theme or to the moto of the school which is education is the key to success so the parents and the teachers brought their ideas together and try to depict in a poster the love for the school and they also doing some fruits decorating where both the parents and the teachers involved and then later on we going to have some fun games where the parents and the teachers and the students are going to participate.”

At the end…the day proved to be a huge success as parents got to interact with their children.

Teacher and Parents

“Our goal is to have the parents come with their child and have a good time, we know that most parents are working but we have been asking for them to take this day to have an opportunity to go with their child and we will also be having games to interact with each other.  I think this is a great initiative by the teachers and the administration of the Ranchito Government School and I think most of the time we work and we don’t have time to interact with our children at school so by having this it is very good we have the time to come spend time with the teachers and with our kids also so it is a very good initiative.”

Parents who did not attend this year’s event are asked to do everything possible in order to participate next year.

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