Screen_Shot_2016-03-17_at_8.14.07_PMThis morning the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, Carlos Raul Morales issued a release concerning the meeting in Washington with the Group of donor countries from the Peace fund which is responsible for the office of the OAS.

In the release Minister Morales commended the efforts made by Foreign ministers of both countries to advance the solution of the territorial dispute and Maritime laws by strengthening trust and good neighborliness between the two countries.

The release continued by stating that that a deadline has not been determined to carry out the referendum in which the people of both countries shall allow their respective governments to take the case to the International Court of Justice and that such discussion should be carried out at the most opportune moment for each country, to guarantee successful approval in both populations.


He also reported that efforts are being made to ensure that Parliament in Belize considers that the outcome of the referendum can be approved by a simple majority and not by the 60% that is required at this time.


The release also made mention of Minister Wilfred Erlington who according to them reiterated the goodwill that exists between the two foreign ministries and populations on both sides of the Adjacency Zone, recalling the exchange that exists in trade and education between the populations of both countries. .


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