Screen_Shot_2016-03-22_at_8.23.52_PMIn last night’s newscast we reported about twenty two year old Shameka Flowers of Crooked Tree Village who suffered from a miscarriage on Friday due to high blood pressure. Flowers was only five months pregnant and when she arrived at the Northern Regional Hospital, she had already lost her fetus.

After the ordeal, Flowers decided to sign a document requesting that the fetus remain at the morgue of the NRH so as to give her the time to make preparations for burial. However, when Flowers returned to the hospital yesterday she was informed that the fetus had gone missing and now the mother is seeking legal advice.

During an interview earlier today, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Health, Ramon Figueroa, gave his input on the matter and blamed the entire ordeal on lack of communication.

Ramon Figueroa - CEO, Ministry of Health

“Not everybody wants anything else to do with the fetus and normally if they don’t we dispose of it as medical stuff but if the family wants the product then we should be responsible enough to provide that to the family I know that there is an emotional link to some, obviously it was clear with the interview yesterday with the mother that she was really emotional distract and I understand and I think we need to respect that and I think we should pay more attention to people to understand that emotional aspect of spontaneous abortions and miscarriages and be more sensitive to people we need to be start thinking of that aspect of the service, obviously as I said the information was not passed on to the people who traditionally go in and they move everything and so they dispose of it unfortunately and it is something that has already taken place and we have asked the regional manager to meet with the staff there to sue this as a learning experience and ensure that we be more sensitive to these situations and even before we dispose of something like that at least find out if really the family is interested in having anything to do with the fetus or with the product before they dispose of it.”

When Figueroa was asked if the persons responsible for the disappearance of the fetus will be penalized for the action that they took, he emphasized that the important thing to do is investigate further into the matter so as to determine what really went wrong in the process and ensure that it does not happen again.

Ramon Figueroa - CEO, Ministry of Health

“I’m of the opinion that we need to look at the process and make sure that it doesn’t happen again, it is not about targeting the particular individual because I think you can find some reasons why it happened it is the process itself that fail us and we want to make sure that it does not happen again.”

And while Flowers is alleging that an offer of a thousand dollars was made to her to reimburse the money that she had already spent to prepare for the burial and for her to keep the information away from the media and the public’s eye, Figueroa rebutted those claims.

Ramon Figueroa - CEO, Ministry of Health

“I don’t know the details of the complete investigation but it may be possible in my mind that the person who was supposed to dispose of did not had the indication of the information passed on to him and the person who got the signed consent for whatever reason did not pass it on you could way both persons had some level of responsibility I think it is most important to look at the process and ensure that it does not happen again that they understand the value of double checking and putting some controls in place and that something like this does not happen again.”

Figueroa concluded by mentioning that the Ministry is more than willing to offer psychological counseling to the mother with the intention of assisting her in recuperating from this unfortunate experience.

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