In the month of December there were a number of reports about Belizeans that were victims of robbery at the shopping malls in Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico. The string of robberies included the cloning of credit cards in the different stores as well as the stealing of cash and personal belongings in the mall’s parking lot.

As a result of the reports that were made to the consulate, the Honorary Consul of Belize in Chetumal, Jorge Valencia, issued an advisory for Belizeans to be cautious and alert when visiting Chetumal and ensured the public that they would do their best to find a solution to the problem.

But while the cases of robbery may have seemed to vanish over the past months, tonight we can tell you that another Belizean by the name of Therese Blease from Belize City was robbed at Sam’s store over the weekend in Chetumal while in the company of one of her co-workers. During an interview with the media earlier today, Blease spoke about the events leading up to the ordeal.

Screen_Shot_2016-03-22_at_8.24.24_PMTherese Diego Blease – Victim of robbery

“From the onset of walking in we had a glimpse of the guy but he was just standing there and he had it was like a motorcycle helmet so it was a very big helmet over his head so I just glance at him she saw him as well we went in and did the shopping and we came back out when we came out we push the cart to the vehicle and we packed the truck and everything and I had my back basically turned to him the whole while so he had the opportunity then but I am assuming because it was both of us he didn’t want to take the chance as soon as we finished packing she told me to just take the cart back to the cart area which I did and as soon as I turned around this guy was right up in my face and I screamed but I screamed just on the thought of somebody being immediately being behind you but I really wasn’t sure what was happening and when I screamed he said keep quiet and so I kept quiet and push my hands up in the air and the first thought is to look around t see if there was any vehicles or anything because I wasn’t sure if I was being kidnapped or what was happening I really wasn’t sure and when I noticed there was no vehicle and he approached me even closer and that is when I saw the knife at my side was literally toughing my clothes so I could see it and it was sharpened on both sides and it had two edges apart from the handle and I know the knife was gold in color and so I had my hands in the air, I had my cellphone in my right hand, I had my gold earring and I had my chain but he just simply pulled the chain off my neck and in a matter of seconds he was gone.”

According to Blease no one was present in the parking lot at the time of the incident and the culprit immediately ran back to his scooter but luckily she was able to get a good look at her attacker.

Therese Diego Blease – Victim of robbery

“I realized he was wearing a yellow skinny jeans and a white polo shirts, he had on a black loafers and his cycle was a very old scooter because it was making noise and I can recall the black smoke because I try to see the license plate on the scooter but because of the smoke so I couldn’t see the license plate but I made out three zeros that is as much as I could have made.”

Blease says when she returned to her vehicle, she informed her co-worker about the incident. They both drove off in search of police officers but were unsuccessful. While she remains traumatized, Blease is grateful that she is alive and was able to make it back home safe to her daughter.

Therese Diego Blease – Victim of robbery

“I always recall you know the authorities local police have always said it give them what they want your life is worth more so at that point I just simply gave up and the next thought for me was my daughter at home she was my next thought and I said you know I have to get through this for her and so I just decided to just surrender but like I tell to my coworkers if it came to a point that there was a vehicle and I was being kidnapped they would have killed me there and then because I would have fought back but when I realized I was being robbed I said my life is more important than my jewelry than anything that I have he could have taken everything I am so grateful that he just scared my life and I was not physically hurt, I am seriously traumatized, I never expected that would happen.”

Blease concluded by saying that due to the ordeal that she experienced, she has already decided to stay away from Chetumal and to not return any at all.

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