Screen_Shot_2016-03-31_at_7.56.38_PMAlrick Smith, he is no stranger to the law as he has been in and out of court accused of drug trafficking and tonight. Less than month from his last charge of drug trafficking, he is back in the news for the same criminal activity.

This afternoon as Smith was traveling back into Belize via the Santa Elena Border from Chetumal, the smell of weed hit Custom Officers at the checkpoint as they searched the vehicle. Reports are that at that instance Smith began acting in an aggressive manner. In sight of the commotion two other officers came to assist in the situation and that is when Smith tried to run, hit one of the officers and threatened the rest.

After the disorder the vehicle Smith was traveling in, a gold Jaguar car, was searched thoroughly. In the trunk of the vehicle under the spare tire, officers found four parcels of suspected cannabis. Another parcel of the suspected drug was found under the seat and a small bag was found in the sunroof. Each parcel is said to weigh approximately 2 kilos each.

Smith is expected to be charged tomorrow but what we can tell you is that he faces an automatic two years in prison if found guilty of hitting the officer.

We understand that two other persons were travelling with Smith but they got out of the vehicle and walked through the Immigration Section as is procedure.

The last time Smith made the news was on March 2nd when around 3:30 Orange Walk police intercepted a gold Cadillac Escalade being driven at the time by twenty four year old Michael Requena of a Ladyville address. Travelling along with Requena was 24 year old Keith Patrick Flowers. Following about 100 yards behind the gold Cadillac Escalade was a black Mercedes Benz which was being driven at the time by 30 year old Alrick Smith. Both vehicles and the three individuals were taken to the Orange Walk Police Station where an extensive search was conducted on both vehicles. From the gold Cadillac police retrieved 11 parcels of suspected cannabis weighing 7.47 Kilo grams with a street value of over $24,000 dollars. All three men were arrested and jointly charged with Drug Trafficking and were granted bail. Back in December 2015 Smith was also charged for drug trafficking.

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