Screen_Shot_2016-04-04_at_8.37.22_PMAs viewers may recall, about six weeks ago during the Sunday lottery draw live show there was a malfunction with the machine that is utilized to conduct the drawing of the lottery numbers and as a result, the game had to be re-drawn to avoid any form of public chaos.

However, tonight we can tell you that over the weekend, the machine malfunctioned for the second time and while the Lotteries Committee were attempting to resolve the problem, the Belizean citizens who were present to witness the live show at the Old Treasury Building in Belize City began to get uneasy and that is when things got out of hand.

Reports are that two individuals went up to the board where the numbers were written and proceeded to wipe away the digits that had already been recorded by the supervisor. As a result of this particular action, authorities had to intervene to address the issue. Today we spoke to the Secretary of the Lotteries Committee, Lewin Samuels who told us about the incident.

Lewin Samuels – Secretary, Lotteries Committee

“The second ball from the pick four machine game failed to be selected by the automatic motion of that game so three numbers played except for the second cylinder which was eventually done manually.  Six weeks ago we had a similar incident and the game was redrawn I guess the public expectations were of the opinion that the game would have been redraw again like what happened in the first incident but the process is that only one ball did not popped from that cylinder and we cannot disenfranchise anyone who has already that winning single number to redo the game.”

And while Belizean citizens are requesting that the committee bring back the old Barrel system, Samuels disagreed stating that time has evolved into one where there is an advancement of technology. He further stated that the main reason behind organizing the live show is to allow individuals to see that they are not being cheated with the drawing of the numbers.

Lewin Samuels – Secretary, Lotteries Committee

“That is long gone and we in modern technology now we have live shows where there is spectators, we have member of the public who selects that balls to ensure transparency so these games are played live where people can see that there is no hanky punky going on with the game so this is an unfortunate situation where the ball did not popped and the public had their own view at that time and the police had to be called in.”

Samuels also mentioned that the manufacturer of the machine has been contacted with the intention of investigating the actual problem with the machine and if it cannot be mended, it will be replaced.

Lewin Samuels – Secretary, Lotteries Committee

“The lotteries authorities are doing an investigation with the administrator of the games ad he reported to have contacted with the manufacturer of the game to find out of any glitch that might be occurring the machine game and he assured us that he will do the best and the manufacture promised to return the game and he will replace it since those games are still under warranty.”

The cost of replacing the machine amounts to approximately one hundred thousand dollars.

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