Screen_Shot_2016-04-04_at_8.37.11_PMFor the past couple weeks we have been reporting on works being carried out on several streets in town like Oleander street and most recently Orchid Drive. Today we have some more good news as the Orange Walk Town Council has been in discussion for a project that will see the rehabilitation and paving of eight major streets in Town.  According to Mayor Kevin Bernard, even though these eight streets will be the main focus for the moment, the Orange Walk Town Council is working on the upgrading of several other streets.

Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council

“Right now we ae in discussion with the contractor and after we have finalized the details I will then take the matter back to council so that we can get the resolution passed and then from se can see these works commence pretty soon, I think that is a very positive thing for our community and I want to say I am pretty sure there will be others that say but why these streets and not my street so while these streets we are going to work on we are still going to be looking at other areas for example I can tell you that the council has already purchased or is in the process of getting a proper roller compactor so that we can start to address more and more streets on our own so you should be seeing the council engaging in much more street works better street maintenance and better street repairs in terms of getting some of these things done.”

Mayor Bernard also believes that the only way to take our town forward in the improvement of our streets and infrastructure is to work together with the Government of Belize and the different area representatives to realize the works that our town so badly needs

Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council

“We are putting together a series of proposals right now we want to focus on these eight and then planning to put together another proposed set of works where we could probably lobby with the government to see if they can give us some funding to do some other works in our municipality or lobby through the area representatives I mean we have our area representative from Orange Walk Central which is the leader of the PUP and we also have government representatives in our town and I think that when we put our heads together and we look at our development of our town not from a political angle but from a bipartisan approach where we can work together I think that that is a lot that can be done within this municipality I as Mayor and this council is prepared to work with anybody that we believe is willing to work with us to get this infrastructure done and that is our commitment that is our goal to ensure that we can see at least some of the major outlets of our town improve and I will reiterate again that we could never do everything but we could as much as we can to see the improvements of the key outlets of the municipality and these streets needs to be done because it does link our people from one area to the next especially these are high traffic roads that needs attention.”

Works for this project will include the paving of Tate Street, Munoz Lane, San Andres Street, Progress Street, Cinderella Street, Santa Ana Street, Arthur Street and Bethias Lane and is scheduled to commence in the next few months.

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