On Saturday at about 6:00 in the evening a minor visited the Orange Walk Police Station where he reported to authorities that he was attacked by an individual of dark complexion at the People’s Stadium while he was out doing his daily exercise. He told police that the individual tried to steal his phone and since he did not let the assailant have his way; it all resulted in a struggle between both of them.

Immediately after the incident occurred, the minor returned home but did not inform his parents about the confrontation. It was not until the police came knocking at the victim’s door at around 9:00 that same night, that the parents became aware of their son’s frightening encounter. Earlier today we visited the victim’s father who spoke to us about the matter.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-05_at_7.48.27_PMFather of the Victim

“Saturday in the evening like five when he just kneels down by a corner by the curve that is not so visible for the people crossing over there then he felt like somebody pinch him on his back and when he turned around he thought that it was his brother but he saw a dark fellow right beside him and he asked him for his cellphone and then he responded saying no I can’t give you this, so a struggle started right there and then well like my son is a little big he stood up and struggled with this fellow and when he saw that he couldn’t struggle with my son he took out a whip that they used at the stadium to whip those horses and with that he started to lash my son.”

And while the victim is stating that he was able to identify his aggressor, the family is claiming that absolutely nothing is being done to arrest the individual.

Father of the Victim

“I accompanied him as the police station on Sunday and they called him by the side and I was with him there as well but they didn’t told me anything so I told my son to tell those police officers but nothing happened so the next day I came to my worksite and nothing happened until about two o’clock I decided to go by the station so see if anything had happened and I thought they had arrested this fellow but when I reached there a woman police officer I asked her about how the investigation is going on and then she informed me that the police that had taken the report he was not there for the day.”

The family is asking the police for assistance in making an arrest.

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