gapiOn May 29th the United Democratic Party will hold it convention to elect a new First Deputy Leader after Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega left the seat vacant when he announced that he will no longer seek re-election at the next General Elections and did not want to continue as the First Deputy Leader of the party.

Vega’s decision paved the way for John Saldivar and Patrick Faber who so far are the only two candidates who have launched their campaign for the position. Both men have been garnering support from fellow parliamentarians hoping that they can entice the delegates of their area to vote for them in the convention.

So far nearly all UDP Ministers have indicated who they are siding with expected for the outgoing First Deputy Leader Gaspar Vega, who told the media the last time he was asked who he will support that he was yet to make a decision.

On Saturday Patrick Faber reveled that while he has reached out to Vega for support that has not materialized. But he also mentioned that he really did not need the DPM’s support since he is confident he has the numbers in the north. Here is what he said.

Honorable Patick Farber – First Deputy Party Leader Candidate

“Well let me say this that I’ve tried to make an outreach to my colleague the Deputy Prime Minister until these conventions are completed and we have had very cordial relations, although when I did make the outreach to speak to him that did not materialize.  I really have not counted on his support, and in fact when you look at the Orange Walk District where there are four seats, his seat and three others, the three other standard bearers and their committees are fully supporting Patrick Faber.  So you can be the judge as to whether or not that supported is needed based on what I said there.”

If that comment pushed Vega to pick a side, we can’t tell you, but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Today pictures uploaded on Facebook on the pages of UDP Ministers in Cabinet it shows Vega in a group picture along with John Saldivar and a number of his already declared supporters. Whatever the case maybe we are sure that the race to the UDP’s First Deputy Leader seat will be an interesting one.

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