Screen_Shot_2016-04-13_at_7.57.54_PMThe beginning of this year saw Social Security Board kicking off their second annual debate among junior colleges, an idea that was born in celebration of Social Security Board’s 34th Anniversary.

This year’s first debate took place here in the north between Corozal Junior College and Belize Adventist Junior College, under the topic “Media Sensationalism is distorting our Reality”.

CJC won that round and then they went up against the Galen University Debate team. This time the topic was “Technology is destroying our Social Skills”. Once again CJC came out victorious automatically earning them a position to compete in the finals against Ecumenical Junior College.

Finals are scheduled to take place this Friday and the topic to be debated is “should Marijuana be legalized in Belize”?

CJC coaches Elva Perez and Joanna Magana told reporter Karel Heredia the team is ready to bring the win home.

Elva Perez and Joanna Magana – CJC Coaches

“I do believe that we are extremely prepared, our magnificent debate team has been undertaking a whole lot of research and I do believe that they will be prepared for either side that they get. Our experience has been that basically we have been able to prepare as much as possible in previous debates, the guys have done extensive research and I think that that is basically that is what we are taking this particular topic as well not leaving any stone unturned just basically making sure that we know what it is we know what information needs to be collected and from the argumentation, the evidence making sure that everything is on the point, I think that we have a wonderful team that has done everything. The team is very educated, is very knowledgeable about the topic, they are hard workers, they have dedicated a lot of time to the research, I do believe that they have good skills, all the skills that they need in order to come up victorious this Friday.”

As for members of the team, they are as confident as their coaches.

Debate Team Members

“We are hoping for the win this Friday again and we expect it to be very productive because it is a topic that has been arising for a while here in Belize since we know many countries that are in that same situation about legalizing marijuana.”

Debate Team Members

“I feel very enthusiastic because I am confident in my team; we put in a lot of work in preparation so I do think that we have a high possibility of winning this debate on Friday so I am confident.”

Debate Team Members

“We feel that Ecumenical will be the one that will pose a bit of a challenge which is why they have reached to the finals but based on the work that we have done and the effort of the team I know that we can win this Friday.”

Debate Team Members

“I believe that no matter which side w get either affirmative or negative we have this on where to lead and comeback as winners.”

Corozal Junior College debate team is represented by Ashley Longsworth, Elva Pérez, Joanna Magana, Hanna Lee, Giselle Vargas, Digna Ramirez, Mikael Gilharry and Damari Tesucum.

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