Many are the medical missions who have visited Belize over the past years. In fact, just last year our jewel saw its share of visits when New Horizon, Mission Project for Belize, Partners for Belize, and Medical Mission for Belize came to render assistance to the community who have hard time paying for medical attention or even constructing buildings.

Today CTV3 was made to understand that another medical mission is head to Belize to carry our works specifically in the Northern Region. Hands and Hearts Medical Mission will be arriving in Belize on Sunday the 17th to do general surgeries and their team will be comprised of 35 Medical personnel, says Chief of Staff at the Corozal Community Hospital, Doctor Jorge Sajia.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-14_at_8.26.37_PMDr. Jorge Sajia –Chief of Staff Corozal Community Hospital

“We are having the Heart and Hands Mission coming in April 17th to do general surgeries for the Northern part specifically.  The mission is bringing a total of 35 staff members; this includes anesthesia, surgeons, nursing, pharmacist for the Corozal community Hospital and Orange Walk Northern Regional Hospital.”

The Team will be conducting different surgeries ranging from hernia removal, laser surgery, tumors and even thyroid surgeries.

Dr. Jorge Sajia – Chief of Staff Corozal Community Hospital

“The mission will be doing all types of hernias; umbilical, inguinal, testicular hernias, gall bladder stones, the surgeries for gall bladder which is laparoscopic which is also known as the laser, it is only four little incisions to the abdomen which will make a small little recovery time for the patient, any types of skin tumors commonly known as lipomas or fat tumors, breast tumors, skin cancer and some types of thyroid problems.”

Patients screening will take place on Sunday the 17th as from 7:00a.m. Surgeries will then commence on April 18th and will run until Friday the 22nd.

Dr. Jorge Sajia – Chief of Staff Corozal Community Hospital

“The team will be conducting the screening Sunday April 17th as of 7am at the Corozal Community Hospital, surgeries re schedule as of Monday April 18th right through the week until Friday April the 22nd April.  They need to bring all prior documentations, what we have to have in mind is that some of patience have already been through the process but it is outdated, a new evaluation, new labs, new studies within a three month period, any ultra-sound pertaining to the illness they also need to bring along to the doctors to see.”

Sajia also advices patients over 40 years and patients with chronic illnesses for example diabetes and high blood pressure to come in early Sunday the 17th, as blood works, chest X-Ray, electro cardiograph and an electric cardio graph will be done to prepare them for surgery.

The entire northern region is asked to take advantage of this opportunity as it is free of cost, the public is also notified that all surgeries will be done at the Corozal Community Hospital’s Operating theatre.

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