Screen_Shot_2016-04-14_at_2.06.33_PMThe Belize Tourism Board which is dedicated to building and developing tourism in the most economically and environmentally sustainable manner released the first quarter statistics for the months of January through March of this year 2016 which calculates to about a 16.9% growth in overnight arrivals of tourists in Belize.

In January, a total of 38, 274 tourists visited the country and stayed overnight while 37,624 tourists arrived in the month of February resulting in an increase of 24% and 18.5% respectively as opposed to last year in which a sum of 30,858 tourists visited the country in January and 31,754 arrived in February. This marks the very first time that the total amount of overnight arrivals to Belize has surpassed 75,000 visits within the first two months of a specific year.

In comparison to last year, there were only 39,136 visitors in the month of March and this year, however, there were a total of 43,063 overnight tourist visitors making it an increase of 10% highlighting the high tourism season in our country. BTB also adds that this is the first time in history that the total amount of arrivals exceeds 40,000 in a single month.

When it comes to cruise arrivals, the country saw a decline of 19.5% for the month of January, nonetheless, the amount of arrivals rebounded in February with a total of 98,623 visitors resulting in an increase of 3.7%. There was also an increase in of 4.1% in March with a total of 138,930 tourists.

The first quarter of the BTB statistics illustrates a reduction of 4.5% of cruise arrivals but this number is expected to escalate throughout the rest of this year as the Cruise Industry’s main objective at this point is to host approximately one million passengers for 2016.

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