owAs the Orange Walk Police Formation continues to carry out their routine patrols here in the north in an effort to combat criminal activities, they were able to make a number of arrests over the weekend.

On Saturday at about 10:20 p.m. authorities visited the home of Carlos Smith and Erlinda Sanchez with the intention of conducting a search at the residence. The search resulted in the discovery of a red plastic container that was hidden in the sofa which contained two marijuana plants. Both Smith and Sanchez were charged with ‘Cultivation of drugs’ and ‘Possession of Controlled Drugs’.

And then yesterday at around 5:30 in the evening while Orange Walk Police were on a mobile patrol in the village of Carmelita, they stopped an individual by the name of Norween Wade and conducted a search on him which resulted in the discovery of 11.3 grams of marijuana and 1.2 grams of crack cocaine. Wade was transported to the Orange Walk Police station where he was formally arrested and charged for ‘Drug trafficking’ and ‘Possession of Controlled drugs’.

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