noimageA security guard is lucky to be alive tonight after it is believed he foiled a robbery in the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. While the information reaching our newsroom has not been confirmed by police or the management of the Free Zone since they are both being tight lipped, reliable sources say that the security guard was doing his rounds at the zone when he observed two persons acting suspiciously. The men were seen in the back area of one of the major stores in the free zone. We understand that the security guard radioed his head station for assistance.

But before help arrived the security guard was approached by the two individuals. Right after two more men joined them and that is when the security guard was attacked and stabbed on the left shoulder.

Lucky for the victim at that time other security guards and the police arrived in the area and the four men made good their escape. While we understand that police searched the area the men were nowhere to be found.

As mentioned we attempted to get comment from the Corozal Free Zone office but were declined an interview. The Corozal Police department is also being mum about the issue and an official report has not appeared on the police blotter.

We will keep following this story and bring you an update tomorrow.

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