Screen_Shot_2016-04-19_at_8.04.30_PMSaturday April 30th marks the 157th anniversary of the 1859 Treaty between the governments of the UK and the republic of Guatemala which recognized the border between Belize and Guatemala, and as a tribute to the historic event the Northern Territorial Volunteers (NTV) have organized a day trip to the Garbutt's Fall marker in Western Belize, which separates Benque Viejo Town from Guatemala's Melchor De Menchos. Yesterday during our morning show, Despierta Belice, we spoke to two members of the NTV who told us why it is very important for Belizeans to make an effort to attend this trip

Northern Territorial Volunteers

“When we commemorate that date so we are planning this trip to go there and show people our monument so that is the main reason, to educate them of the date that the treaty was signed and to visit our monument and to see what our monument is because as far as we understand the OAS is in charge to keep this monument still and the last trip we went there the monument was in a deplorable condition; a lot of garbage and it was very, very dirty and so we want to sensitize the people and take them there and show them this is what we have so we are inviting the public at large to come out on this trip it is a very educational trip.”

And according to NTV, although there is not any tension with Guatemalans at this boarder point it is very important for Belizeans to assert ownership over the area to let Guatemalans know that it belongs to Belize.

Northern Territorial Volunteers

“We don’t have and you actually see the tension there like the military would come and approach us they were on their side of the border so the tension is not there. The thing we need to recognize is that there was not tension in Sarstoon  before or it seems that there was not tension in Sarstoon until groups such as ours and Will Mejia’s started going there and now I will tell you that you cannot go as a Belizean up the Sarstoon unless the Guatemalans allow you to go or you go and asked them can I go up the Sarstoon and if they tell you proceed you may and if they say no believe me you will be turn back.”

The trip that will be taking place to the Benque Viejo boarder at Garbutt’s Falls will be free of cost and you can sign up at Phillip De La Fuente’s Pharmacy on Fonseca Street in Orange Walk Town. Busses will be leaving Orange Walk at 6:00 am.

The group will also be conducting a side trip on the same day to Jaguar Paw, where interested persons will be able to go cave tubing and zip lining and the cost for the side trip is fifty dollars and will include lunch.

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