Screen_Shot_2016-04-19_at_8.04.30_PMYesterday representatives of the Northern Territorial Volunteers were guest on the Despierta Belice morning show. President of NTV Geovanni De La Fuente and member David Espadas visited the show to promote the groups trip to Garbutt Falls which we’ll tell you about in a few.

During yesterday’s conversation NTV representatives were asked to give their input on the 11 proposals presented to Guatemala by Belize to defuse confrontation at the Sarstoon. While we know now that Guatemala has rejected those proposals De La Fuente and Espadas are of the opinion that the 11-point draft proposal for a peace protocol in the Sarstoon is just a Band-Aid solution to a problem that requires real action.

Northern Territorial Volunteers

“This latest round of points out that the government of Belize presented to Guatemala and gave them an ultimatum of one week and that week has already gone, this group of pints is a band aid solution, this is not addressing the real issue, this is saying ok you done push yourself in to Sarstoon then sign here and by signing here you will say that Belizeans they could pass and we will not harass them so I think that is a band aid solution. They are not saying well decease from claiming the Sarstoon or get out they are not saying decease from claiming this thing, you will say then please allow us to go in, make we pass, we need to go to Gracias a Dios and make we pass and don’t harass our people, they are informing the Guatemalan beforehand that things will happen and that we will travel through there right but they are not telling the Guatemalans denounce the claim over the Sarstoon because the claim is still there, because they are only claiming the Sarstoon this Protocols that they signed is just asking permission to pass through the Sarstoon.”

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