noimageOur Lady Of Guadalupe R.C. School is located in the Corozal District, it has a staff of 8 teachers and 1 principal and it is occupied by 268 students on average school days. Today we can tell you though, that, that number will increase as the Social Investment Fund in collaboration with the Education Department carried out a ground breaking ceremony for the new preschool which is about to be constructed.

The construction of the pre-school is to be funded under the Caribbean Development Bank, Basic needs Trust Fund 7’s Education and Human Resource Development Sector, through a grant with counter-part funding by the Government of Belize.

The project is aimed to increase access and enhance quality inclusive Early Childhood Development and Primary Education services. In the process the project is also designed to construct additional classrooms along with Human Resource Development training for teachers.

According to Principal of Our Lady of Guadalupe R.C., Ayoni Briceno, this project is a dream come true and parents are already enrolling their children for the next school year.

Ayoni Briceno Principal O.L.O.G R.c.

“For some time now our parents has been clamoring for a Pre-school in the area, we have been struggling finding funding but thank God our prayers were answered so it is a dream come true, SIF has allocated four months for this project to be finished but the contractor has pledged that he can deliver the keys to us in three months’ time we have a list already of parents that have brought in their children’s names so that they can have a space.”

Briceno says the construction of the pre-school will not only benefit Altamira, but the Corozal District on a whole.

Ayoni Briceno Principal O.L.O.G R.c.

“If we have a dream don’t give up on the dream follow your dream and work on it because I know that dreams come true, I think all the staff members, the children, the parents and community at large are all grateful that this has come true, it will be a benefit not only to Altamira but Chula Vista and we have children that comes to our school as far off as Paraiso, San Andres, we have a child from Patchakan, we have children from Ranchito so it will be a total effect on the Corozal District.”

Further into the newscast we will tell you about the ground breaking that took place here in Orange Walk.

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