Screen_Shot_2016-04-20_at_8.19.36_PMOn Sunday April 17th a team of 35 general surgeons known as Hands and Hearts Medical Mission arrived in Belize. Immediately after their arrival they started screening and prepping patients of Corozal and Orange Walk for surgeries to be performed from the 18th to the 22nd of April. Yesterday just after 7:00p.m CTV3 caught up with team leader and experience veteran Dr. Sue Long, who said that a total of 46 patients have been treated and the most common surgeries so far are for gall stone and hernia.

Dr. Sue Long.

“We screen approximately 200 people on Sunday to make out the schedule for the week for surgery and today I believe we did 24 surgeries and yesterday 22 so we’ve done a total of 46 operations so far.  Mostly we are doing laparoscopic, gall bladder surgery, that is with the small incisions and then we are doing a variety of different types of hernias, about half the patients that we have done have got gall stones and the other half has been hernias.”

The turn out over the past two days has been more than expected and by Friday a total of a hundred patients would have undergone surgery says Chief of staff for the Corozal Community Hospital, Dr. Jorge Sajia.

Dr. Jorge Sajia – Chief of Staff Corozal Community Hospital

“It’s been a very, very good turn out, we got over 200 patients coming in asking for information for the services for the gall bladder and for the hernias and a total of 98 patients were programmed during the surgeries from yesterday and today, we got a couple patients from Orange Walk Regional Hospital coming for the surgeries here so at an average we are doing 20 to 24 surgeries per day expecting by Friday to have a today average of about 100 patients.”

Sajia is asking all those patients that are scheduled for surgery to bring along their relevant medical history.

Dr. Jorge Sajia – Chief of Staff Corozal Community Hospital

“Any paper that was not brought in if they could please bring it in so the doctors can see it, this is just for precautions wise, they were given the indication for fasting most of them and we are asking to be patient still it is a long process but at the end of the day everyone will be attended and have their surgeries on due date.”

The surgeries are scheduled to continue for the remainder of the week, and Sajia wishes to remind the general public that those persons who did not make it on the list this time around will be included in the list for the upcoming medical mission.

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