As it relates to the news of Guatemala’s rejection of Belize’s proposal for a peace protocol in the Sarstoon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is yet to comment on this issue. Today however, the Minister of National Security, Honorable John Saldivar confirmed the rejection and informed that the matter was discussed in Cabinet yesterday.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-20_at_8.18.53_PMHonorable John Saldivar – Minister of National Security

“We were informed officially in Cabinet of the rejection of the Guatemalans of our Proposals we also saw what their suppose counter proposal was which we again flatly reject because it says precisely what was asked just now they want us to ask permission and we flatly reject that and so we are going to continue to work the diplomatic channels to try to see some meeting of the minds but in the meantime as you have also indicated militarily we believe that we have some sort of agreement for there to maintain the peace in the area.”

Saldivar also out rightly rejected that there is any existing agreed protocol that requires Belizean vessels to check in at the Guatemalan base to navigate through the Sarstoon.

Honorable John Saldivar – Minister of National Security

“It is absolutely clear we have had in our possession yesterday in Cabinet the minutes of a meeting that it was held I believe in 2005 if not in 2007 when a similar situation had occurred, we have minutes of that meeting that took place at the military level where it is clear to us that Belize neve acceded to that point form the Guatemalans.”

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