Today the commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General David Jones confirmed that the recently acquired Taiwanese helicopters for the force have been assembled. In one year’s time when training for the pilots is complete, the helicopters will be put into use along Belize’s border. In the South, the Government is expected to clear out a landing area for the helicopters.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-20_at_8.19.02_PMBrigadier General David Jones – Belize Defense Force Commandant

“The helicopters are already assembled, our pilots have to be fully trained before they are personally operating them so despite the fact that they have been assembled they are flying we will only have them during training flying around this areas, but the future is for this facility to also be services by those helicopters, the area just over to my left is a clearing that is expected to be developed in a helicopter landing site, so that will be an areas where the helicopter will be able to land if there is need for immediate evacuation in this area and it is going to be the same for the rest of the observation post along the western border all the helicopter landing sites will have to be cleared so that we can have casualty evacuation or insertion or extraction for our operation along the border, in particular along the western border, they are more fuel consumptive in that we strategically have to place fuel in the different districts so that when they leave Price Barracks they can go and come without any difficulty all that has been factored in so the two places that we may need to have refuel stations would be here in Punta Gorda and also in Camp in Cayo so that when they launch operation from the battalion that is in Cayo we have a station at the base in Cayo and operations here in the south we could have refuel station here as well but all that has been planned and we are hoping that training starts either next week or two weeks or so.”

Basic training for the pilots as well as for the mechanics and crew started two weeks ago. The technical expertise is also courtesy the Taiwanese. We will have more on today’s inauguration of the FOB in tomorrow’s newscast.  

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