Screen_Shot_2016-04-21_at_8.34.45_PMThe high rate of drug abuse among college students worldwide including Belize can be attributed to a number of factors ranging from stress and most commonly peer pressure.

Here in the north the Corozal Junior College (C.J.C) last week held a drug awareness week under the theme “Drugs are Bullies don’t let them destroy your school life.”

The week started off with radio talk shows and banner competitions on drug related topics. The week, which concluded on Tuesday, also included testimonials of recovering alcoholics and drug users. According to president of CJC Student Government, John Marin Jr. and Dean of CJC Jose Mai, agree that everyone should be involved in motivating students not to use drugs and alcohol.

John Marin Jr. President of CJC Student Government/Jose Mai Dean CJC

“In our society we see that drugs and alcohol has been detrimental for the development of Belize and it is imperative that the younger generation or the upcoming generation be aware that we need to build Belize and that drugs and alcohol keep us back from achieving our true potential because they hinder us and it has side effects and being drug free we have all the energy and all the motivation to achieve greatness for this country, you have the choice to do drugs and to get off drugs so it is only up to you whether you will fall or rise on drugs. I believe we need to continue our efforts of motivating students to stay away from drugs because we believe that we want them to live a healthy lifestyle and it is the school’s responsibility to ensure that we try as much strategies as we can to try to have our students stay away from the use of drugs.”

Peer Helpers of CJC also played an important role during drug awareness week as they reached out to the community by conducting rallies and informational sessions.

Nissa Waldman says President of CJC peer helpers

“We went to radio houses and we had an information session that is reaching out to the community by radio and of course this rally that we have so we are displaying to the community our intention which say no to drugs, our goal is to bring awareness kids stay away from drugs and we are doing this to integrate society because when society is on the same boat we can grow together towards the same goal and that is keeping away from drugs.”

For the President of CJC peer helpers, Nissa Waldman, being an advocate for healthy living sets the precedence for a better Belize.

Nissa Waldman says President of CJC peer helpers

“When one grasps a position like this you are in a position to tell other people to tell other youths and to motive them to say you know there is so much out there and you need to grab all the opportunities that you have and you do not stray away from your goals, you always going to work towards your goals to make yourself a better person and when you make yourself a better person you make society a better place and Belize a better place so it is very good to be advocating for these things because it is not just CJC it is for Belize on a whole.”

Although Drug Awareness week has concluded the CJC’s faculty and staff intends to continue promoting the famous “Say No To Drugs phrase” all year long.

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