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    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:44
  • New International Flight Headed To Belize

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:46
  • 224 Farmers Graduate From Farmers Field School

    Friday, 07 September 2018 03:09

Screen_Shot_2016-04-25_at_8.25.25_PMTonight the family of a 43 year old cane farmer from Corozal Town is mourning his death after he became the districts third murder victim for 2016. What we know so far is that Gilberto Najarro Sarsenio and another individual were ambushed at around 10:00 this morning while working at their cane field in an area known as San Jomal located about 5 1/2 miles northeast of Corozal Town. When authorities visited the scene they found Sarsenio with multiple gunshot wounds.

Superintendent Dennis Arnold - Police Corozal Police Formation

“Today Monday 25th of April 2016 at about 10am a male person came to the police station requesting police assistance in the San Jomal area as they were fired at, immediately police went to the area which is situated five and a half miles north east of Corozal Town or Paraiso Village upon arrival they saw a person lying face down with appears to be gunshot wounds two to the back and one to the back of the head and his name was learned to be Gilberto Arsenio 43 years of age from Paraiso Village.”

Police believe that Sarsenio was murdered over a bicycle as reports suggest that yesterday while working at the cane field the victim and the same individual that was with him this morning were accused of stealing a bicycle by a father and son whose names police did not reveal.

Reports are that the father and son threatened both Sarsenio and his companion that if the bicycle was not returned actions would be taken against them. Today Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Formation, Superintendent Dennis Arnold, told CTV3 News if the report of threat would have been filed yesterday, a life could have been saved.

Superintendent Dennis Arnold - Police Corozal Police Formation

“Initial police investigation reveal that yesterday whilst Sarcenio and the complainant, the person who came to request police assistance was at the cane field; we have a father and a son, came to that cane field an accusing them of stealing their bicycles, the father and the son make treats that they would have caused seriously bodily harms to thee persons apparently the son came back this morning and made good on his threat, I want to encourage people that whenever they’ve threatened to come to the police station and make their compliant because yesterday when that threat was made if this person would have come to the police station we certainly would have looked to that report and maybe avoid this murder.”

According to wife of the victim, she last saw her husband early this morning just before he left to the field. While she admits that Sarsenio told her about the encounter he had yesterday, they did not make much of the incident.  Today as the family of Sarsenio prepare to lay him to rest, they clamor for the culprits to be brought to justice.

Wife of deceased

“Esta madrugada fue el ultima día que yo bidé a mi esposo como a las cinco de la mañana.”


“Tiene el algún enemigo o algo?

Wife of deceased

“Él no tiene enemigo solo ayer que estaba en la planta que llegaron dos hombres y le dijo que ellos le agarraron su bicicleta y les dijo que no y al otro senior los amenazo con machete, lo único que me dijo que tenía pistola y tenían sus machetes.”


“Como era Mr. Najarro?”

Wife of deceased

“Pues él era tranquilo y no tenía problemas con nadie aquí en Paraiso todos lo conocen y cuando toma nunca anda dando problemas y él fue a cortar cana y yo quisiera que busquen el que lo hizo y que los castiguen porque oigo así que matan gente y la policía no hace nada queda como dicen solo en investigation y nunca hacen nada no sé porque no lo hacen pero ellos ya me dijeron a mí que más o menos ya saben quién lo hizo y que lo van a buscar pero eso es todo lo que me dijeron y que lo llevaron en Orange Walk para hacerle la autopsia y el otro trabajador no se no me dijeron nada de él.”

Corozal Police are today looking for two individuals in relation to this latest incident.

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