During the Press briefing that was held today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow made the announcement that Former Minister, Assad Shoman, who was the PUP representative in the Belize Guatemala relations, but was replaced by Eamon Courtney, may be in a position to assist the current Government with the Guatemala dispute. Prime Minister stated today that Dr. Shoman’s quarrel with the PUP is for them alone to settle and that the Government of Belize may be able to offer the trained attorney a place to work based on his vast knowledge of the Belize Guatemala Territorial Dispute which may be of invaluable help to Belize.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-25_at_8.25.48_PMRt. Honorable Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize

“In terms of Dr. Shoman, the question of his removal by the PUP is for him and the PUP we do think that Assad has a great deal of knowledge, has a great deal of expertise with respect to this issue and we will look to see if there is not some professional capacity in which the government of Belize might employ his services, I’ve seen one interview he gave he said that he always made it plain to me that he is available and that I haven’t used him, well Assad we certainly will talk and it think it is time to talk now and I perfectly understand he saying to the PUP well you have appointed me but I am not a PUP well it is not the UDP that will appoint him to anything if we do proceed it is the government of Belize and he is a citizen of Belize and I am saying that I am perfectly prepared to try to work out something with him that will see him lend his remunerated services to the issue.”

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