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  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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After the ruling was handed down, we got the opportunity to speak with defense attorney Oscar Selgado, who in a previous interview seemed confident that his client would walk a free man or at most be handed a judgment of manslaughter, he told us that he was very surprised by the ruling but believes that there is ground for an appeal.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-26_at_8.31.08_PMOscar Selgado- Defense attorney

“I am indeed surprised by the ruling because I am still of the opinion that the defenses raised that of self-defense, provocation and accident having looked at the evidence I still believe that there was self-defense and that there was accident involved, the judge has made a sixty nine page ruling very lengthy took over an hour and a half to read it, I still must now go and critically analyze his ruling but I am convinced that there is grounds upon which an appeal can be launched from the evidence, I am still convinced that the evidence itself does not add up to a conviction.”

According to Selgado, the ruling given by the judge in this case was not based on all the facts as he believes that his client was in danger and was acting in self-defense.

Oscar Selgado- Defense attorney

“He was attacked by the deceased that is my instructions that is what he relay to me and I very believe him very much, the judges own opinion came and the judges own conviction came because there was no blood inside the house and that the brawl could not have occurred inside the house therefore Osmar Sabido was not truthful, he further said that because Osmar Sabido was not at home at approximately six o’clock what was said to have provoked the brawl could not have been said and done at the time, my thing is this again that is not here nor there because he said approximately 6pm approximately could be seven and the three rebuttal witnesses that were brought in ex-improviso all said approximately seven approximately eight so they has a lot of approximation in time and I mentioned that to the judge that you cannot take an if it and counter another if it with it so that the time was irrelevant, what was relevant was whether or not if in fact those words were said and those actions were done whether they were said at six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven or twelve pm is irrelevant it is whether or not if they were in fact said and done.”

As for Osmar Sabido, he was extremely disappointed in the ruling and also the sentence that was handed down to him.

Oscar Selgado- Defense attorney

“His is disappointed because he had an honest and reasonable believe that first he was under attack, and so that the defense of self-defense was taken away and discarded by the court so he was in fact yeah disappointed, well I’ve told him from the beginning that wherever there is a judge sitting alone without a jury the judge takes all the consideration, the fact and the law into account so that so he must keep an open mind that there must always the rule for appeal, the law is saying that a person convicted of murder as in this case shall be sentenced to life imprisonment and so there was no need to mitigate in this sentence the judge have already heard his ruling and the tone in which he delivered his ruing he would have come up with the same thing so there is no point in delaying the inevitable and it will now give Osmar Sabido time counting from now to start his appeal.”

While the guilty of murder verdict brings some closure to Carrasco’s family, the hope is that a stronger message gets across the community especially to women living in abusive relationships.

Mrs. Carmelita Perez – Reporter CTV3

“I know that the entire while the message that you and your family wanted to send is to say no to domestic abuse, sot speak out do you believe that this sentencing that message will be sent out now?”

Sandra Marie Carrasco- Mother

“Yes because if you do something you have to pay for what you have done specially to an innocent person my daughter didn’t deserved what she got, she was a sweet, loving person but I just wish it couldn’t had happen at all that I could still have my daughter here.”

It is not yet known if Sabido will agree to appeal the sentence.

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