Screen_Shot_2016-04-25_at_6.24.55_PMTonight police have two persons in custody and are looking for another in relation to the murder of 43 year old Gilberto Najarro Sarsenio who was shot to death yesterday at around 10:00 in the morning while working at his cane field in an area known as San Jomal located about 5 1/2 miles northeast of Corozal Town.

Sarsenio was with another individual when the incident occurred. That person who managed to get away from the attackers reported the matter to police and when cops arrived at the scene Sarsenio was seen with multiple gunshot wounds.

Police investigations have revealed so far that Sarsenio could have murdered over a bicycle as reports indicate that on Sunday the 24th of April while working at his cane field the victim and his companion were accused of stealing a bicycle by a father and son whose names police did not reveal.

The father and son threatened both Sarsenio and the second individual that if the bicycle was not returned actions would be taken against them. Unfortunately neither Sarsenio nor his co-worker took the threats seriously and tonight the 43 year old is dead after receiving two shots on the back and one at the back of the head. Sarsenio’s death marks the third murder for the Corozal District for 2016.

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