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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

20160425180904_8373On Monday night the Belize Tourism Association (BTIA) in collaboration with the Belize Tourism Board and McNab Publishing Ltd held an unveiling ceremony to introduce the new Destination Belize magazine theme, “Travel Curious… this journey will change you”. Executive Director for BTIA, John Burgos, told us about the process behind the new theme and the significance of marketing Belize using the best platforms which are highlighted in this new initiative.

John Burgos- Executive Director- BTIA

“We arrived at the new theme Travel Curious…this journey will change you so that is the theme we decided to go with, the theme basically starts by acknowledging the fact that we want travel to remain curious in terms that we want them to know more about Belize, want them to know more about the culture, about its people, about its destination you know whether you are looking for adventure in the forest or whether you are looking for adventure in the sea, inland you want to know more about our heritage, you want to know about the wellbeing opportunity shared you know we wanted to have something that would capture that and we believe that the travel curious… this journey will change you captures that and this theme was also based on different exchanged that we had with tourist over the course of this year whereby most of them want to express themselves about the experience the have her in Belize they always say you know what I cannot believe how amazing how Belize is and you got to believe that this is and I was able to see so much and able to experience so much here in Belize in such a short period of time.”

Since the inception of the publication of Destination Belize, it has solely been presented in the form of a magazine but according to Burgos, this year it will be slightly different as an app has been created where individuals can access information about Belize in a quick and effective manner, this initiative is part of their new platform to promote Belize in a time where technology is very important.

John Burgos- Executive Director- BTIA

“Since 1995 the destination Belize signature publication simply involved a one print out magazine now that has changed now and ne decided now to keep up with modern times and in order to increase the distribution network in other word to maximize the number of potential tourist that we can reach out we decided to include technology in marketing fracture that in mind we arrive at the conclusion that you know what Belize as a destination it needs an application whereby the user can easily download on their phone or on their tablet or IPad or any other mobile device and with that they could have access to any relevant information about Belize whether they want to know about tours, they want to know about restaurants, want to know about destinations or any specific location of services and it is all going to be accessible to them.”

As part of their campaign to include local artists to be a part of the creative process for the creation of the NEW Destination Belize magazine, a photo competition was launched called ‘Capture the Cover’. The winners for the competition were also acknowledged during Monday night’s ceremony. According to Burgos, the cooperation of a theme of stakeholders was invaluable in the success of the initiative.

John Burgos- Executive Director- BTIA

“We decided to establish under the editorial committee, now the editorial committee has representation from the Belize Tourism Industry Association by the Belize Tourism Board, we have representative from Oceana and also we have Mcnab Publishing that they have their Creative Director as their representative so we believe that hose four key stakeholders were able to zoom in into the different ideas and discursions that are translating into a very concise and very comprehensive publication for Belize.”

The official launch of the new Destination Belize is scheduled to take place sometime in September.

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