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A new Executive Body for the Football Federation of Belize was elected over the weekend during FFB’s 9th Ordinary Congress which was held on Saturday in Belize City.

The Congress included an election process in which 14 District Football Association members and 6 members from the Premier League of Belize voted to elect the new Executive Body.  During the elections selected by the congress as, Senior Vice President was Marlon Kuylen, while Shane Orio and Darlene Vernon were elected as Executive Members.

Seeking the post of president were former President, Ruperto Vicente and former Vice President Sergio Chuc while the vice president position was contested by Jaime Perdomo and former Executive Member Cruz Gamez and following 22 rounds of voting, ending in a tie each time, a new president and vice president for the FFB could not be elected.

This election came amidst recent scandals where an internal power struggle ensued within the Football Federation of Belize when three of the executive members tried to have president Ruperto Vicente suspended after they accused him of making poor administrative decisions that were not in the best interest of the sport and of manipulating the elections of the district associations, which to some members might have attribute to the indecisiveness as it related to the elections.

Screen_Shot_2016-05-03_at_8.29.15_PMMarlon Kuylen

“I was elected I the first round and they had to go to the second round because they had an impasse whereby some of the other members got ten each then round two, two executive members were elected namely Shane Orio and Garling Vernon, since then we are now going into round eleven and the post of President and Vice-President has still not been able to be elected as yet because nobody want to budge and for you to be elected you need 50% plus one which in this case would be eleven votes.”


“Now Sir, has this ever happened before in FFB history or this is the first time?”

Marlon Kuylen

“It hasn’t happened before and I spoke to the representative of CONCACAF and he said that he has never seen anything like this before either.”


“Sir is that an indication that both camps have been going through their rigorous campaigning trying to win some support for themselves or is that an indication that the Football Federation is divided?”

Marlon Kuylen

“Very good question, I think it would be a little bit of both; we have people that are loyal to each camp and nobody want so budge I guess only time will tell because at some point we start getting tired and some of them might say you know what let just get this over with.”

Charlie Slusher –

“Either side thought that probably after one process of voting it would have been over so I know this is surprising even to all the candidates that this is going on for this long.”


“Is this just a very robust election season or is the football community divided on which leadership they should trust?”

Charlie Slusher –

“I believe that is exactly what is happening because it is a serious deadlock and even after ten tries, ten opportunities to vote over and over again we are going on to the eleventh and there is still a deadlock so obviously you can see that there is some kind of division when it comes to who the voter really want to support or who they believe can lead the federation for the next four years.”

Having been unable to break the tie, invited CONCACAF and UNCAF representatives conducted consultations with FIFA, after which Senior Vice President Marlon Kuylen was selected as Acting President of the FFB.  He will remain in this post for one year, when the next Ordinary Congress is scheduled to take place and an election will be held to elect a president and vice president.

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