Screen_Shot_2016-05-04_at_7.58.31_PMToday primary school students throughout the Orange Walk District got the opportunity to showcase their talent in the annual festival of arts which was held at the football field of Louisiana Government School. A total of sixteen schools participated in the event and at the end of the day a sum of forty seven items were presented.

The coordinator for this year’s festival of arts, Lisa Carballo, highlighted that apart from allowing the students to display the abilities that they possess, the event is also organized with the aim of embracing expressive arts as part of the curriculum in the educational system.

Lisa Carballo – Coordinator, Festival of Arts

“Today we have 47 items being showcased different schools; we have 9 rural schools this morning and 7 town schools in the afternoon showcasing all their items now during this festival or arts they can receive a golden, a silver, or a bronze award and they get a certificate, it is something that is happening every year and the students pretty much prepare so much for this festival of arts, it’s an annual even and they look forward for this date to showcase their talent.  It’s very important that we know that the curriculum is not only content, it is not only knowledge but also talents our skills that we have and expressive arts is part of our curriculum so we are celebrating part of our curriculum and it is important that these students start to showcase their talents and express their talents in this very early age.”

The participants were adjudicated based on three different categories and those who received a golden award earlier today will have the chance to partake in another event known as the golden evening that has been prearranged for both primary and pre-school students.

Lisa Carballo – Coordinator, Festival of Arts

“Each category is being judge under different genres and we have different genres under music, under arts and under drama, they each have a judicator and once the student meets the requirements they can get a gold so it’s pretty much not a competition so we can be showcasing all golden items, they can end up getting all golden items at the end.”

The event would not have been a successful one without the assistance of the business community and other sponsors.

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