Screen_Shot_2016-05-04_at_7.58.47_PMThe Orange Walk Police Formation continue to carry out their ‘Meet and greet’ program aimed at building a connection with the community by forming neighborhood watch groups to combat criminal activities. Today our news team caught up with members of the police department as they visited the homes of residents from Cristock Street in the Pasadita area here in our town.

The response from the general public was quite positive as many individuals took the opportunity to voice their concerns to authorities and propose ways in which they can address each issue as they continue to rise.

Zenubio Coc – Sergeant of Police

“Some of the response that we gathered is that some youth are been seeing late in the night which is a no, no for us we as adults, police officers, parents we need to become more involved in the lives of the youths, we need to enroll them into something positive so it is about finding time that the parents get with law enforcement officers and we will also partner with other agencies to work closely with us and we can enroll thee youths into something positive probably engaging them into some sporting activities, probably counselling so we need to enroll these youths and have them busy especially during the weekend.”

Officer in charge of Community Policing, Zenubio Coc, highlighted that the police alone cannot carry out all of their daily responsibilities without the assistance of the citizens, therefore, it is essential for authorities to develop a personal relationship with the community.

Zenubio Coc – Sergeant of Police

“Today we are doing pro-active policing and we want to reach out to the doors of each person who is living here and we want to ask them for their cooperation, we want to build this confidence, we want them to feel confident in talking to a police officer and thereafter to work closely in order to solve the crimes that are occurring in this area. If you feel uneasy in approaching a police officer we have street captains, we have a neighborhood watch program going on in this area so feel free to approach Mr. Valdez he works closely with us so you don’t have to approach a police officer he will channel the information through us and we will react and we will work closely with him.”

We also spoke to the president of the Pasadita Neighborhood Watch Group, Armando Valdez, who expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of today’s meet and greet session.

Armando Valdez – President, Pasadita Neighbourhood Watch Group

“It all begins with the neighborhood watch group program in this area and I am spearheading that right now and so when they mention that they want to come to meet and greet in this area and I say can I join you they say of course join us and that is how that came about that we are here following them since we know me and Mrs. Chable who is my vice and because we know the people her and we know their name and we feel good because I noticed that the people are willing to talk to the police, maybe they at the beginning they we kind of afraid that the police is coming but when the Superintendent begins to talk or the Corporal they have more confident and they open themselves to the police to tell them what problems are they been having and what suggestion they can give to improve the safety of the neighborhood.”

Valdez concluded by emphasizing that in order to be able to offer the help that is required, it is necessary for the residents of each area to work in partnership with other individuals who live within the same community.

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