Screen_Shot_2016-05-04_at_7.58.58_PMIn their statement today, the Government of the Republic of Guatemala categorizes Prime Minister Barrow’s statements as “failed attempts to justify to the media and the international community, by trying to justify the inexcusable act of violence perpetrated by elements of the defense forces of Belize against the child Julio Rene, just 13 years old, who lost his life due to irresponsibility and lack of professionalism, after being hit by eight shots from a high powered rifle of exclusive military use - four of which were in the back - while other shots found their mark on the bodies of his father and brother.”

The statement from Guatemala goes on to mention that the factor which generated the response of the Government of the Republic of Guatemala were the same inexcusable, unjustifiable and execrable actions from the soldier or soldiers of the defense forces of Belize.

The release continues by stating that the Government of Guatemala will continue its efforts to ensure that justice is served in this case and adds that they have asked the Secretary General of the Organization of American States to form an ad-hoc commission of inquiry, consisting of experts to shed light on what happened and that the results of that professional investigation, will be used in the judicial process against the perpetrator of the crime against the child Ruano.

The statement from Guatemala goes on to mention the meeting between both foreign ministers in Washington this week, adding that the bilateral relations were discussed in a positive environment and reproaches Prime Minister Barrow for not making mention of this in his statement.

The release ends with Guatemala once again affirming their commitment to defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity stating Quote “Guatemala remains committed, as it has always been, to peacefully resolve any dispute, according to the principles of international law, and reiterates that it will not fall into any provocation, but will defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and welfare of its citizens at all costs and sparing no efforts.” End quote

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