Last week Thursday we reported that a forty three year old resident of Temash Street here in Orange Walk Town was allegedly brutalized severely by authorities as he was taken into police custody. The family of the victim told us that sometime at around midnight on Tuesday the 26th of April, the victim was walking in the company of a friend on Gravel Lane when they were approached and stopped by police officers.

Family members recounted that a search was conducted on both individuals; however, only the victim was transported to the Orange Walk Police Station where he was placed inside a cell, stripped off his garments and was hit continuously and severely.

When we spoke to the Officer in command of the Police Department here in Orange Walk, Selvin Tillett, he informed us that an investigation would be carried out and it did….leading to the arrest of one police officer.

Screen_Shot_2016-05-05_at_8.12.20_PMSuperintendent Selvin Tillett – Orange Walk Police Formation

“Orange Walk Police conducted an investigation as a result Police Constable Anilbal Bull attached to the Orange Walk Police formation was arrested and charged for crime of grievous harm, he was arraigned at the Orange Walk magistrate court where he pleaded not guilty and a bail granted of five thousand dollars.”

And while the family is claiming that it was more than one officer who attacked the victim, police are saying otherwise as the investigation concluded that only one cop inflicted the injuries on the victim.

Superintendent Selvin Tillett – Orange Walk Police Formation

“Evidence suggest that he is the only one, yes there might be more than one responsible for causing maybe they did use something to stop it but he is being charged for injuries to Mr. Bennett, we have about two or three more police officers who will be dealt with disciplinary in regards to the same incident. We have zero tolerance when it comes to police brutality, we sing every day that we will not tolerate any abuse by the police to the community or vice versa if that is done the police will do the appropriate action and investigate and arrest who needs to be arrested and charged, that is our job.”

Tillett emphasized that the department is implementing stringent measures so as to avoid history from repeating itself.

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